June 3, 2012

After taking a week off to commune with nature and other forms of music, I was pleased to dig into the vinyl vaults for this show to bring some uptempo funk, summertime house music, sax-infused techno, and even some late night electro.


Bobby Konders “Massive Sounds Feat. Mutaburaka: the Poem” from Cool Calm and Collective
Russ Gabriel “He's The Man” from He's The Man
Jeff Settle “Jeff's Whistle Song (FK5 remix)” from Jeff's Whistle Song (FK5 remix)
Isolee “Beau Mot Plage (Freeform Reform, Pt. 1 & 2)” from Beau Mot Plage (Freeform Reform, Onionz & Original Versions)
Laurent Garnier “The Man With The Red Face” from The Man With The Red Face
Der dritte Raum “Doppel (Autotune Remix)” from Doppel (Autotune Remix)
Gold Code “The Day After (Jonah Sharp Remix)” from The Day After (Jonah Sharp Remix)
Basic Channel “Enforcement” from
Lawrence “Swap” from Swap
Alton Miller “Clouds Are Gone (Henrik Schwartz remix)” from Clouds Are Gone (Henrik Schwartz remix)
Canyons “My Rescue (Dr. Dunks Disco Extension)” from My Rescue - EP
Aladdin “Mass Confusion (I:Cube C.E.R.N. Remix)” from The Sun Is On Fire
Egyptian Lover “Computer Love” from On the Nile
Dynarec “The Lost Souls” from The Lost Souls
Tuxedomoon “What Use (Ectomorph remix)” from What Use (Ectomorph remix)
Andrea Parker “Ballbreaker” from Ballbreaker 10"


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