June 24, 2012

Somehow I ended up spending 9 full hours performing the DJ craft this weekend, including 5 hours at a "beer camp" release party and 4 hours of radio. As much as that's mentally exhausting in one capacity, I feel so privileged to serve as a conduit / librarian / entertainer / teacher / shamen to greater or lesser degrees. The earlier evening show was more along the positive/fun/funky vibe, and this show as on the deep tip. This was definitely heightened when halfway through the AAP one of the turntable tonearms crapped out, which led to a much more techno-oriented set than I normally would play in the second hour of this show, given that I usually play about 3/5 vinyl and 2/5 digital (hence newer). Well, hey, that's live radio, and full spectrum dance music. Podcasts will be up when I get my shit together not available this week. But you know I love you anyway.


Martin Landsky “Sweet Sweet Morning (Swayzak Dub)”
Audioelectronic “Two Trains Running (Swayzak Dub)”
Shit Robot “Grim Receiver”
Paul Brtschitsch “Doriana (Chris Principe remix)”
Ladyvipb “A New Day (Maurice Fulton Remix)”
Liquid Liquid “Flextone (Brennan Green Mix)”
Shriekback “My Spine (Is the Bass Line) (Pure Space Bassline Re-edit)”
Chris And Cosey “Love Cuts”
Kleptones “Killing Jah”
Miss Kittin “Professional Distortion (Aka Pella)”
Bob Holroyd “African Drug (Four Tet Remix)”
Style of Eye “The Big Kazoo”
Jonny White “Desensitize (Chloe Remix) [Feat. My Favorite Robot]”
Pan-Pot “Ape Shall Never Kill Ape”
Stunp and Symbio “Deep Fried”
Tori Amos “God (Carl Craig remix)”
Shigeto “Look At All the Smiling Faces”

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