June 17, 2012 - Hot Night, Hotter Tunes

It's sweltering out there. Still, at 11pm at night. At midnight. Chico's melting after a weekend of the triple digits. Sweaty times require sweaty funky music, my friends, and that's what filled my crate several days ago when I did a little extracurricular KZFR set on Wednesday night. So carrying that over to this evening, we find this set starting out with a hot blast of funk, settling into a deep dancefloor groove, and soon moving beyond into uncharted territories. Soon, we've forgotten the radiating pavement and swamp cooler buzz, as the ethereal vibes of some deep sea techno envelope us. This is how I cool off, and it's late now, time to open windows and drift to sleep on the breeze.


Zongamin “Make Love Not War”
The Jimmy Castor Bunch “It's Just Begun”
Salsoul Orchestra “Getaway”
Northend “Tee's Happy”
Electra “Feels Good (Carrots & Beets) (dub)”
Pittsburgh Transit Authority “Now's Tomorrow”
Smith and Hack “Frederick”
The Rapture “How Deep Is Your Love? (Emperor Machine Extended Dub Play)”
The VCRs “Get On”
The Pool “Jamaica Running”
Senor Coconut “Tour De France”
J4ck Sh4rk “Belleville Remix”
Ragtyme “Fix It Man (Marshall Jefferson Remix)”
Paul Weller “sleep of the serene”
Arthur Russell “In the Light of the Miracle”
Autechre “Windwind”
The Infiltrator “Inversions”
Beat Pharmacy “11,000”
Joris Voorn “Early Bird (Original Mix)”
Curve “Falling Free (Aphex Twin Mix)”
Evan Marc and Steve Hillage “Delta Phase”


Download the show (145 MB MP3)

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