The After After Party April 29, 2012

To cap a fine weekend of amazing weather when generally the whole populace was frolicking in sunshine, reveling in music and making merry, here's a show that played more like a party set this week:


James White and The Blacks - Contort Yourself
Cameo - It's Serious
Blo - Get That Groove In (Ray Mang edit)
Orgone - It's Time Tonight
Stranger - Mysterious Mixer
Kerrier District - Silhouette
Late Nite Tuff Guy - I Don't Like Acid
Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor - trinity dub three
Mark E - Escape (Roots Unit dub)
Virgo Four - Take Me Higher
Oilpanic - Carl Is My Middle Name (J Hunsberger's Hawaiian Re-edit)
My My - Reverse Charge
Jeff Samuels - The Zoop
Freaky Chakra -Peace Fixation (Funk Mix)
Death in Vegas - Zugaga
Dano Cube - Sunrise  (correction: from Honduras, not Ecuador as I said on-air)
Phloston Paradigm - Chasing Rainbows
I.F. - Secret Desire
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Plasticine Gene
Jack Buser - So Little
Slicker - Been There, Done Dusky (SuperESP remix)
Beans vs. Jim Routhier - Hollow Stars (Swan mix)


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