DiscoEx Archive: Live/Evil - The Detroit Grand Pubahs @ Mighty, SF

Detroit Grand Pubahs live @ Mutek
Review: Detroit Grand Pubahs live @ Mighty in San Francisco: October, 2006.

t’s a rare treat for us to see a Detroit electro artist to personify his music  - so often the children of Motown shroud their very existence and corporeal being in mystery, in shimmering waves of distortion and the interference patterns of multiple personalities. Fortunate, then, are we to have a disciple of the funk in Paris the Black Fu. Yet Paris also chooses to obfuscate his person with wigs, hats, and rags befitting an off-the-wagon George Clinton. Still, the man shared his Scotch with any empty cup that should ask, and brought us together with the Involvement Fluid.

Unlike past shows, Paris arrived with accompanyment, as every pimp has his theme music (see “I Gonna Git You Sucka”). Computer-wielding and bald-creepy masked was an unnamed friend from the Netherlands, and on Rhodes piano and saxophone another cohort earned his bus ticket by fleshing out the tunes and harmonies with a soulful touch marred only by the soundman’s light touch at times. With this three-piece ensemble to push deeper into the booty, Paris careened through the generous catalog of the Pubahs, from the recent Poker Flat singles to their early release “Sandwiches”. But this disciple was not alone in feeling only slightly, just barely cheated without the killer swoon-song “Surrender”, and I admit, yes, it was me calling out for “Dr. Bootygrabber”.
For it was in revelation and rejoice of the wonders of booty that we were best served the warm, juicy truth in that club. Call-and-response proved the effectiveness of low-end affirmation, and we wanted the Doctor to examine the situation. “Sorry, Dr. Bootygrabber’s not in the house tonight” came back the reply - and one wonders if laptop hard drives aren’t maybe quite big enough to hold just a lil’ ass beat. Just 4 bars of boom chick boom chik would be enough for the Bootygrabber to send them grabbing for their ankles.

But this small oversight aside and the 1-hour set length, Paris projects enough Pubah to ameliorate our dismay at the departure of Andy Toth from the group some time ago. You miss a Detroit Grand Pubahs live performance at your own risk.

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