DiscoEx Archive: Catchin' Up - The Setlists from Astralab

Here are my Astralab setlists for you, but no promises on absolute accuracy. I had intended to record with the new KCSC portable flash recorder, but to my chagrin the cheapskates at Marantz ship it with a whopping 64MB of storage, which would basically get me about an hour of one set. Symbio may have gotten the second set, though, so stay chooned.
Friday Sept. 1: 2:30 AM (the dark, the glowsticks and the bass)
  • Der Dritte Raum - Teifsee [Harthouse]
  • Martini Bros - Babyhaze [Pokerflat]
  • Gino Vittori - Relief Again [Relief]
  • A Guy Called Gerald - Time to Jak [Sender]
  • Egoexpress - Knartz IV (Einmuzik Remix) [Ladomat]
  • DK7 - Life is Everywhere [DK]
  • Sian - Cinematheque [Dessous]
  • Ellen Alien & Apparat - Way Out (Club Edit) [Bpitch Control]
  • Speedy J - Something For Your Mind [Plus 8]
  • Osborne - Bout Ready to Jak (Shake’s Mix) [Spectral]
  • Wink - Are You There… (New Mix) [Ovum]
  • Reinhard Voigt - Robson Ponte (Alter Ego Mix) [Kompakt Extra]
  • DK8 - Murder Was the Bass (Reworked) [DK]
  • Silicon Scally - Clone Alone [Satamile]
  • BFX - Alone 2006 [Made From Concentrate]
  • Bassbin Twins - Gun Down [Spidercuts]
  • Gennaro Le Fosse - This Bassline [Abe Duque]
Saturday Sept. 2: 7:00 PM (wherein breakdancing broke out among the graf writers)
  • Bob Marley - Exodus (Remix) [White]
  • Playgroup - Bring it On (Playgroup Remix) [Peacefrog]
  • Panico - Lupita (KIM Remix) [Tigersushi]
  • NIN - The Hand that Feeds (DFA Remix) [Interscope]
  • Midnight Mike - Round and Around [Flesh]
  • Zwicker - Sniff & Sneeze ! [Compost Black Label]
  • The Juan Maclean - Give Me Every Little Thing (Muzik X-Press Vocal Mix [DFA]
  • Snax & Ianeq - It Ain’t Love [Get Physical]
  • Chicken Lips - Do It Proper (Maurice Fulton Mix) [Kingisze]
  • Computer Rockers - Tech-No-Rock [Breakin’ Records]
  • DJ T vs. Freestyle Man - Beat the Street [Mood Music]
  • Christopher & Ralphael Just - Popper (Shinichi Osawa Distortion) [Kitsune]
  • My Robot Friend - 23 Minutes in Brussels (Tommy Sunshine Brooklyn Fire Re-touch) [Soma]
  • Destillat - Cabrio [Klang Elektronik]
  • Ellen Alien & Apparat - Rotary [Bpitch Control]
  • Mr. Fingers - I’m Strong (Instrumental) [Eskimo]
  • JussiPekka - Dancing Queen (Germanny Mix) [Poker Flat]
Follow the linky to read a review of the party from my perspective.

A 3 day weekend in the trees, what could go wrong? A fascinating study, a slow car crash (apologies to the Chico band so named), and a highly enjoyable experience rolled into three days - that was Astralab, DJ Fusion’s attempt to show the Northstate how MPLS gets down. Except that out in ol’ Wisconsin, people show up for these things. Of course, they don’t have Burningman to compete with - this was an unfortunate weekend to solicit fun-loving creative partiers willing to drive out in to the wild for a fix of freak.
Astralab flyer
And of those who did show, the easily distracted, quick-tempered spirits of long-dead gold prospectors must have inhabited some of their bodies once awoken by the bass waves, because folks wandered aimlessly between sound systems without staying long enough to get a good groove on. It’s as if the trees had glowsticks and the dancers transmogrified to bats and mosquitoes after dark. whadaafug?
Then some classic wild wild west musical showdown drama marred the best two sets of the weekend - one unscheduled d’n'b + MC takeover tore it up under the trees while the headliner, fresh off a plane from St. Louis, banged out one killer live PA / DJ set of highly creative and involving 4/4 funk madness. Faced with such a choice, the crowd easily polarized into those the usual pack of norcal junglist fist pumpers and the smaller crowd of mind-melted techheads. But intervention in the drill’n'baste dancefloor was less than appreciated by the hyped performers, and now there’s beef-a-plenty, PLUR becomes “Please Lob Ur Rhetoric” and the scene takes a black eye, seen?
But enjoyed, oh my yes, did we enjoy ourselves at the same time. With Holger Honda helming heroically,Symbio sliding slinky skippity salvos, Abstract aiming astutely at that ass, and other close friends and lovers to close the circle, we made a weekend of dancing, swimming in cool calm rivers, embracing and dropping fresh wax on clear systems. Clear, hell, I’ve never played on that many crystalline watts before in my life - what a pleasure.
Nuff respect to Jason/Fusion for getting neck deep in this shit, nuff respect to all who played their hearts out (wicked wicikd live hip-hop from Soul Fade!) and to the nice families who purveyed homemade pickles, homeade peaches in Hot Damn! schnapps and the home-cooked breakfast that saved us all. Negativity: away, away…
Check back on the sidebar for photos, I’ll be throwing them up on flickr and then adding a slideshow widget to this blog.

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