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A huge thank you to the disconuts and disconaughts who brought the energy I love on friday the 28th, and thanks also to Future/Now crew for putting me on the bill so long ago that we had just barely met. I had a great time, dancing the night away long after my moment on the wheels, and generally spent a weekend in blessed recovery. More on your upcoming recovery options in a little bit… in the meantime, here’s my set from the evening:

April 28, 2006 @ Future/Now

Donna Summer (the original one) - Spring Affair [Casablanca]
Patrick Cowley - Primitive World [Megatone]
Phantom Slasher - Boys Cheese Done Fell Off His Cracker [Noid]
Was Not Was - Wheel Me Out [Ze]
The Quick - Zulu (instrumental version) [Pavillion]
The Strikers - Body Music [Prelude]
Kerrier District - IlLogan [Warp]
Marques Wyatt - For Those Who Like to Get Down [Om]
Dave Zee - I Have a Feeling (Soul Purpose Remix) [Airtight]
Jeff Samuels - Awt [Spectral]
Hakan Lidbo - Dimm the Lights [Force Inc.]
Egoexpress - Aranda (Egoexpress mix) [Ladomat]
Mitte Karaoke - Panda Bar (MK mix) [Bpitch Control]
Audion - New J [Spectral]
Goldfrapp - Ride a White Horse (FKEK vocal version) [Mute]
Chateau Flight - Les Antipodes (Joakim remix) [Versatile]
Black Mountain - No Hits (Logan 5’s Escape from Black Mtn edit) [CDR]
Gavin Russom & Delia Gonzales - Rise (DFA mix) [DFA]
Kraftwerk - Tour De France (FK remix) [white]
Egyptian Lover - Computer Love [Egyptian Empire]
Huge thanks to 530techno.org for hosting this set for our listening pleasure, and be sure to visit the 530techno audio page to listen to the other sets that evening from Sonny D vs. Nemo.
My set: (72 minutes, 65 MB)

Download Logan 5 Live @ Future/Now: A Spring Affair

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