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Welcome to Disco Ex Machina, the blearg/site of DJ Logan 5 and occasional guests. This is a place to discover new and old music as well as various other types of content. You can read more about it in the "What's this About" page from the sidebar.

I will promote some music events on here. I'm based in Chico, California with strong links to the San Francisco/Oakland area, so parties mentioned here will tend to be NorCal specific. The content I link to and include won't be geographically specific.

You can find the RSS and Atom feeds at the bottom of the page. When I set up the podcasts, I'll post them here and then they'll live on the sidebar.

I appreciate your comments, constructive, deconstructive, post-de-constructionist or otherwise. Feel free to hit up if you've got something to say that's not appropriate to a post or if you'd like to be a more substantial contributor.

As Marvin said, "let's get it on!"

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