Ep 6.06 - guest DJ: Billy the Robot

Happy 808 Day - a holiday to celebrate the drum machine that enabled bass music culture. One of Chico's finest curators of bass music has been about it since '93: Billy the Robot. The deep-digging DJ/Producer dropped in to the Eccentric Groove show this spring and took control for 2 hours, moving through numerous styles of jaw-dropping body-tweaking bass funk. I've been sitting on this episode for a bit, but that's no excuse for you to sleep!

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Ep 6.04: Synthi Says - Feb 18, 2017

An all-vinyl set with full respect to the synth-pop innovators and electro heroes.
The Pool - "Jamaica Resting"
Harmonia - "Veterano"
Crash Course In Science - "Flying Turns"
ZwischenFall - "Flucht '84"
Friend or Foe - "World famous techno pop"
Dominatrix - "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (12' Mix)"
Laurie Anderson - "Sharkey's Day"
The Chemical Brothers - "Spring"
Tussle - "Eye Context"
Shit Robot - "Triumph!!!"
Riton - "Motion"
Laurent Garnier - "The man with the red face (Funk D'Void mix)"
Ian Pooley - "What's Your Number (Jazzanova Re-Number)"
Tiefschwarz - "No more trouble"
Different Gear vs. the Police - "World is running down [You can't go wrong] (Different Gear dub)"
Simon - "Dreams of Freedom"
Size 9 - "I am ready"
Chus Duran - "Zooom (original electro mix)"
Syclops - "Where'…

Ep 6.03: Guest DJ Symbio - Feb 4, 2017

The brains and beats behind the 530Techno label and co-promoter of the Future/Now and Freak Beat parties that brought the cutting-edge sounds of global techno into our midst. It's guest DJ Symbio, for the whole two hours. 

Nicolas Jaar -  "No" 
Leatherette - "Triosys" 
Smith & Mighty - "No Justice" 
Haelos - "Full Circle" 
Trentemøller - "River in Me" 
New Order - "Age of Consent" 
The Radio Dept. - "We Got Game" 
Fort Romeau - "Secrets & Lies" 
The Juan MacLean - "A Simple Design (Purple Disco Machine Remix)" 
Tycho - "Epoch" 
808 State - "In Yer Face (Bicep Remix)" 
&ME - "Trilogy (feat. Sabota)" 
Clarian - "Ankh" 
Culoe De Song - "Y.O.U.D." 
Bicep - "Just" 
Audion - "Mouth to Mouth (Scuba's Orbital 93 Mix)" 
Tale of Us - "North Star" 
My Favorite Robot - "The Future Will Judge Us" 
Michael Mayer…

Ep. 6.02: Guest DJ Otter - Jan 21, 2017

Download: MP3 File
This Saturday night the radio show gets our first guest in the studio for 2017: producer and DJ Otter, whose deep crates of bass music are a wonder to behold. With roots in the dirty south electro sounds and his eyes firmly fixed on futuristic sounds across breaks, drum'n'bass, trap and dub, we had some serious fun.

"Otter has been heavily involved in the Electronic Dance Music scene since 2001. Born and Raised in Atlanta, his musical influences range from the likes of Evol Intent, Tester, DJ Casper, Stanton Warriors, DJ Icey, DJ Fixx, Keith Mackenzie, Rick West, and Infiniti."
Playlist:Guest DJ set from Otter:Otter - "Catalyst"
Otter - "Close Encounters"
Otter - "Scalawag"
Otter - "Don't You Dare"
London Elektricity - "Just One Second (Otter remix)"
Otter - "Alpha Orion"
Lecrae - "Say I Won't (Otter remix)"
Better Kicks - "Dancefloor Destroyer (Otter remix)"
Otter - &qu…

Ep. 6.01: Spiral Out - Jan 7, 2017

Resolve to practice some circular breathing this year: the brass and woodwind playing technique ensures that the noise you make never ceases even while you draw new air. Develop new abilities to sustain effort. Reject that your art begins or ends.

Direct download link
Raury & Jaden Smith - "Losing Your Mind"
Digable Planets - "rebirth of slick (Altered Tapes edit)"
Matias Aguayo - "Rollerskate"
Lakker - "Tuc Tuc"
Prosumer & Murat Tepeli - "serenity (soundstream's dusty machine mix)"
Agents Of Time - "Still Enough (feat. Flowers and Sea Creatures)"
Shit Robot - "Ob-8 (Winter Mix)"
Simian Mobile Disco  -"Dervish"
Nackt and CM-4 - "Need to Know"
Tuff City Kids - "Edlost"
Chris Randall - "Sunderverl"
Tim Deluxe - "Transformation (DJ Hell Remix)"
Claude Von Stroke - "Storm On Lake St. Claire"
Coeter One - "145 (Urbano Remix)"
LFO - "Simon f…

Music from the Ghost Ship - Dec 10, 2016

Sonic catharsis in the form of electronic music from the artists who we lost in the Ghost Ship tragedy. Analog synth techno, disco, ethereal pop and house music by Nackt, Cherushii, Them Are Us Too, Ghosts of Lightning, Easystreet, Introflirt, Joey Casio, and more. Stay in, turn up, and let's have a dance party together.

Download link

Playlist:Nackt - "Scheherezade (Ambient mix)"
Nackt and CM-4 - "Ocean View" 
Nackt - "Next"
Ghost of Lightning - "All is Fair in Dreams"
Ghost of Lightning - "Ashes to Ashes"
Introflirt - "Temporary Heaven"
Easystreet - "International Supernatural"
Easystreet - "I Love Your Sexy Movie (Velvet Chang's Spandex Fantasy Club Remix)"
Cherushii - "Manic (Deep Mix)"
C. Faith - "Free Spirit Lost Soul (Original Mix)"
Cherushii - "Rudy's Party (Bobby Browser's Ambient Mix)"
Them Are Us Too - "Marilyn"
Joey Casio - "Live on KVRXNOR"

Logan 5 Live at Bassmint Chico - August 19, 2016

Feeling really grateful to have been able to play for the Bassmint Chico party a second time this summer. BassMint recently celebrated 5 years of showcasing bass music sounds with world class headliners in Chico every week, and the residents Eye-Re-Eyes, A.L.O. and Billy Robot deserve huge kudos for bringing their vision to life. The party's vibe is tight-knit and the sound absolutely on point, so I brought some low end glitch to my usually funky sound for this event.  I've put the early and late sets from the night together here to create a well-rounded listening experience. 

Download MP3
Playlist Last Magpie - Initial (Original Mix)
Four Tet - The Reservoir
Feynman, Andre Sobota - Smoke
DearNo - Dango
Rone - Planet Zoo
DJ Oil - Rain (Radioacive Man Remix)
Last Magpie - Roots V.I.P. (Original Mix)
Alfred English - Air Grid
Si Begg - From My Laptop 2015
Bruno Furlan - High Sec (Original)
Rioux - Cold Sweat
Mickey Moonlight - Close to Everything (The Martin Brothers remix)